International Hospital is comprehensive general hospital that was established in 2014 in Puntland State of Somalia to provide excellent world class clinical health treatment service that covers and treats wide range of illnesses.


 Mission Statement
International Hospital is dedicated to improving the lives of people and families affected by various illnesses that come to our care.      

International Hospital pursues this mission by:
Providing the highest quality compassionate, specialized and effective clinical care, in partnership with the people we serve and their relatives;
Using state-of-the-art clinical equipment for investigation to maximize discovery and accelerate   finding the cause of the illness of our patient to get cures fast;
Providing public awareness of general health hazards of the population we serve to educate people and make more aware of health living standards in order to eliminate risks and provide preventative platforms.



Our Services

Dr. Mao-Aweys, M.D. is a General Medicine and Natural Health Doctor who diagnoses and treats problems with stomach, heart, lungs, liver, bones, as well as diabetes, gynaecological problems and all kinds of pain.




Our pharmacy is stocked very well for all major medicines that our patients need. The pharmacy is well maintained and medicines dispensed are quality checked and genuine




Our laboratory Service is equipped with latest technology to test and examine various blood, urine and other samples in accurate and timely manner. Our Laboratory technicians are well qualified to deliver the work fast and effectively.




Department of administration services provides directly to welfare and service of patients, and facilitating procedures and requirements of the referral to the hospital, and receiving the required treatment, and guiding and helping them.